A Multiplayer Test Open to All Mario Kart Tour Players

A multiplayer test available for all players of the Mario Kart Tour game will be held during the following period:
Approximately 11:00 PM PT on 1/22/20 to 9:59 PM PT on 1/28/20

How to Participate in the Multiplayer Test
Follow the steps below to participate.
1. On the cup-selection screen, tap the Menu button.
2. Tap Multiplayer.
Note: When selecting this option for the first time, you'll receive a prompt regarding the use of your location data. If you want to race against nearby players, you must agree to the use of this data.
3. Choose how you want to race.
To play with nearby players, create a lobby of your own or join a lobby with players near you.
To play with players around the world, tap Random Match to be randomly matched.
Please keep in mind...
This is a test for the multiplayer mode.

Please be aware that the following issues may occur depending on the specifications of your device, as well as the condition of your network connection and the connections of the players you're matched with:

・ The game's connection becomes unstable or fails
・ The game freezes or crashes
・ Network or input lag makes steering unresponsive

Thank you for understanding that such issues may occur during this test.
Changes from the Previous Test
1. All players (not just subscribers to the Mario Kart Tour Gold Pass) may participate.
2. This test allows you to race with nearby players using your device's location data.
・Multiplayer features that rely on your device's location data cannot be used if you have restricted access to location data via your device's settings, or if location data cannot be obtained at the time of play.
・Multiplayer features that rely on your device's location data cannot be used if your Nintendo Account's country is set to South Korea.
Certain multiplayer specifications will change between this test and its full release. Therefore, multiplayer save data generated during this test cannot be carried over to the full multiplayer release.

By playing this test version, you do so at your own risk and accept that the game may include known or unknown bugs, that your test progress and your multiplayer data in the game may be erased at any time, and that playing this test may cause your device's battery to drain faster than normal and/or operate at slightly higher temperatures.

Persistent Internet and compatible smart phone required. Data charges may apply.

The content and duration of this test are subject to change or cancellation without prior notice.