The Gold Pass is a subscription service 
that allows players to get more in-game
rewards in Mario Kart Tour!

First-time users can enjoy
a two-week free trial*!

$4.99 USD per month

(As of 9/25/2019)

Notes: The subscription price is subject to change. Please be sure to confirm the price in-app before making your purchase.
*Automatically converts to a monthly subscription at the then current price unless canceled. See below for details.

Benefits for Gold Pass Subscribers

1 Get Gold Gifts by
racing in tours!

The above example shows gifts from one tour period.

2 Get special in-game badges
from Gold Challenges!

3 Unlock 200cc!

4 You can power up your benefits
with a continuous Gold Pass subscription!

You can receive gifts each month that you renew your paid Gold Pass subscription.


  • ・The two-week free trial is only for first-time subscribers. WHEN THE FREE TRIAL ENDS, AND ON AN ONGOING BASIS THEREAFTER, YOU WILL AUTOMATICALLY BE CHARGED FOR A ONE-MONTH TERM, UNLESS YOU CANCEL YOUR SUBSCRIPTION. Please see details below on the deadline to cancel your free trial and on how to cancel your subscription.
  • ・You will not be charged if you cancel your subscription during the free-trial period.
  • ・The Gold Pass free trial is valid for two weeks after subscribing.
  • ・When the validity period ends, there is no need to resubscribe. YOUR SUBSCRIPTION FOR THE SAME GOLD PASS WILL BE AUTOMATICALLY RENEWED, UNLESS YOU CANCEL IT. Please see details below on how to cancel your subscription.
  • ・If you cancel your subscription or if payment fails for any reason, the subscription will remain active until the end of its term, but it will not auto-renew, and you will not receive any refunds or credits for the remaining time left.
    ・For information about payments, cancellations, and transfers, see questions related to payments, cancellations and/or transfers in the in-game Frequently Asked Questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

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If I delete my data and start Mario Kart Tour from the beginning again, will my Gold Pass benefits carry over?

If I cancel my Gold Pass, can I still use the items and benefits I received from it?

My Gold Pass has suddenly expired.

I have a purchase in Mario Kart Tour that I do not remember making.

  • ESRB Everyone

Free-to-start; optional in-game purchases available. Persistent Internet, compatible
smartphone and Nintendo Account required. Data charges may apply.

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